About network

The network of sustainable development and Corporate Social Responsibility specialists „CSR Network“ Lithuania“ established in spring 2013 with a aim to unite our knowledge, expertise and efforts for ultimate goal – promote social and environment responsibility of private and public sectors and each citizen of Lithuania.

Sustainable development is a context of our activities. We are led by the principles of sustainability and pursue that these principles would be the core ones for Lithuanian business companies, state institutions and every Lithuanian. In promoting sustainable development we employ methods of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Currently, CSR Network Lithuania unites over 30 Lithuania’s specialists, working and/or interested in the aspects of sustainable development and social, environmental responsibility. However we do not limit our activities in Lithuania and invite specialists from the other Baltic countries to join the Network and efforts.

Our goals:

Share knowledge – we will share our knowledge and skill, so that to strengthen our capacities to act and to make impact in the areas of our interest.

Educate – we will concentrate our experience and knowledge and share them so that social and environmental responsibility would become a standard, not an exceptional practice.

Collaborate – we will cooperate with each other implementation of joint ideas that promote social and environmental responsibility.

Observe, advise, consult – we will actively observe events and processes in the country so that could give timely advice. We want to participate in the life of Lithuania and to provide expertise when we see it is needed.

Areas of activities:

In the nearest future we will be active in these areas:

  • Business impact on environment
  • Transparency
  • Involvement of employees in CSR
  • Limited involvement in CSR practices among state institutions
  • Action inquiry methods
  • Others.

We are opened and invite everyone join, who has CSR experience, is ready to act and represent interests of the society!